We at NGE assist all corporations who are considering expansion of their operations into Thailand.

At NGE we cover everything from the initial planning and construction stage, right through to taking care of all the legalities and construction permits. NGE match exactly what you are looking for.

NGE (Thailand) Company Limited was established in 2001.

We started our business in the construction industry and have grown successfully and expanded over the years.

To date, we have provided service excellence to more than 100 large and small Japanese companies who have built their factories in Thailand.

These days, Japanese businesses are expanding into Thailand often, mostly they are expanding into Industrial estate in locations such as Rayong and Chonburi.

Many Japanese construction companies are also expanding into Thailand, however there are very few builders who can design factories from the perspective of production equipment.

On many occasions we have been assigned to handle difficult projects.

This mainly being because we have the resources at hand in relation to both technology and human resources.

This is something we at NGE are extremely proud of.

Our 20 years of experience at the forefront of the industry has allowed us to gain the trust of our clients and bring about success.  

Furthermore, NGE are specialists in the fields of plant engineering, factory construction, production equipment, power plant construction, environmental equipment. However, our strong point in comparison with other construction-companies is our gOne-Stop Serviceh in relation to the successful establishment of a factory.

 We manage everything for gThe Complete Establishment of the Corporationh formalities such as the establishment and registration of a corporation, the acquisition of land, all construction issues and all production equipment are all handed with ease by NGE.

What we can do

It has now been 20 years since the company was founded. To date we still gain and build upon the trust of many Japanese companies who we have helped to achieve great success so far.

Perhaps our greatest strengths are to be found in factory building designs, construction, plant engineering, and production equipment.

In addition to this we are renowned as being experts in our gOne-Stop Service for Factory Establishments.h

This service takes care of everything from start to finish.

The complete gOne Stop Shoph from land introduction, factory construction, design, interior decoration, factory equipment right through to company registration and tax accounting.

At NGE we make everything easy to understand. Following are some details regarding 3 main divisions of our work:

Construction Work

In setting up a factory in Thailand, NGE supports all construction work from the small to the large scale factory, including all the infrastructure facilities required for establishing a factory.

We are also skilled in gPower Plant Constructionh and gEnvironmental Equipment.h

We can provide detailed drawings as per individual requests.

Plant engineering


NGE provide a "One-Stop Service" which handles everything, for example, plant engineering (include all buildings), the build of all facilities, designing production lines and providing equipment.  

Furthermore, we carry out all gPlant Designh to match the required Thai regulations.

Production equipment

Production equipment (dedicated machinery), plant equipment, jig design and construction within the factory, large machines, plant equipment installation, piping, ducting, electrical wiring, processed product transfer jigs between machines.

We propose designs of construction interlocks, smoke exhaust removal, wastewater, and waste product management.

Environmental Quality Protection must strictly comply with all Thai laws.

Project References

NGE (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has provided construction and maintenance services to various kinds of Japanese companies ever since it was established in 2001. That is almost 20 years of combined success!



AddressF Hemaraj CIE

Completion dateFJanuary 2015


AddressF Pinthong Industrial Park

Completion dateFjune 2014


AddressFAmata City

Completion dateFApril 2013

Hikari Tech(Thailand)Co.,Ltd.

AddressF Rojana Industrial Park

Completion dateFjune 2007

About us

NGE (Thailand) was established on August 30th, 2001. Initially, the company started by supporting expansion work from local Japanese companies.

We handled all gmachine installationh, gmaintenance workh and the gcontrol systems of production machinesh.

At present, we serve mainly Japanese companies located in Thailand, also European companies, Thai companies and Japanese companies who wish to expand their businesses into Thailand.

Our main business is the establishment of corporate factories and engineering.

"During all construction let's make the gimpossibleh become gpossible.h  The above mentioned is the vision of our founder.

The result of all our efforts over the years has resulted in our "One-Stop Service for Factory Establishment" which covers everything from the introduction of land to the design and construction of factories, factory production equipment and also company registration, and the introduction of tax accounting, from establishment to start-up!

Company name NGEiThailandjCO.,LTD
Address 18/9 Moo.11 Soi Numchai Leabkhlongsam Road Tambol Khlongsam Amphur Khlongluang Pathumthani 12120 THAILAND
TEL 0-2077-8986
e-mail contact.eg@nge.co.th
Company establishment date August 2001
MD Mr.Tanong Saikeaw
Capital 6,000,000.00bath
Number of employees 25

Company name NGE@Tech Construction@CO.,LTD
Address 18/9 Moo.11 Soi Numchai Leabkhlongsam Road Tambol Khlongsam Amphur Khlongluang Pathumthani 12120 THAILAND
TEL 0-2101-6240
e-mail contact.eg@nge.co.th
Company establishment date March 2006
MD Mr.Manee Sitthichainet
Capital 15,000,000.00bath
Number of employees 30
ISO 9001:2015

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In the beginning, most of our clients were Japanese. We never launched any sales campaigns, but viral marketing was the tool which led them to us.

We were then able to successfully develop our business through gWord of mouth.h How was that possible?  

gBecause we demonstrated a true service mind. Our clients got to know that we would exceed their expectations. We would deliver exactly what they were looking for in a timely manner. Basically, we took care of all of their needs.h

Thai corporate culture is entirely different from that of overseas, there are many factors which can happen unexpectedly.

Expatriates who work in overseas companies are normally not equipped with the skills to efficiently deal with these unexpected troubles.

hat is the reason why local staff are required.

We can provide both Japanese and Thai engineers who possess 20 years of experience and expertise in technology and other related fields in Thailand.

With this as our definitive strong point, we are well equipped, able and ready to welcome overseas companies wishing to expand their production bases into Thailand.